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Working with the local community

GA Technical LTD has been working with the residents of Laughton and surrounding areas for over 15 years. We have become a specialist CCTV and security systems for the rural community. We currently have some live fly tipping detection cameras positioned in and around Laughton, This a been a real help to local farmers and landowners.

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CCTV Security in Laughton, East Sussex
Security Cameras Laughton, East Sussex

CCTV installation in Laughton

We have an excellent range of security cameras and we make sure our customers get amazing quality images. 

Super HD live video on your phone, tablet on PC helps you keep an eye on your property.

Burglar alarms in Laughton

We use the latest burglar alarm technology with means you will get a secure up to date alarm system.

We have a wireless range which means we can install your burglar alarm with hardly any disruption to your building.

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CCTV in Laughton​

Are you a  Laughton resident? Have you ever thought about getting CCTV?

We have certainly seen an increase in the demand for security cameras in Laughton, although it is a place with relatively low crime.

When we get a request for CCTV, we like to ask the customer the reason that they wanted a system, This gives us a better understanding to helping us choose a system that is going to be suitable.

Based on our findings, the most common reasons for a surveillance camera system in Laughton are as follows.

  • Theft from a garden

  • Vandalism of a vehicle

  • Dispute with a neighbour

  • theft from a shop

  • Worried about reported burglaries

  • Have been advised to by police following an incident

Having a CCTV system installed may not be because a crime has taken place, but maybe its just for piece of mind when you are away from home.

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