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See points below for things to consider when having a new CCTV system.

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Ga Technical Ltd is based in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Our engineers cover the South East of England

Things To Consider For your CCTV system

Number Of Cameras

You will need to think about the number of cameras you require. The best way of doing this is by physically looking around your property. 

Camera Angle

Most cameras cover an angle of 70-80 degrees but there are also some cameras  that have a wider angle like a fish eye camera.

Camera Distance

You will need to consider the distance from the camera to the area you want to cover as cameras come with different lens sizes.

Recording Time

You can record your CCTV for as long as you want. The recording time depends on the size of the hard-drive.

Choice Of Camera

CCTV Cameras come in many different style and colours. We can supply CCTV cameras based  on your preferences.

GA Technical LTD not only provides you with professional CCTV equipment, We also give you a professional CCTV installation. Everything that goes into our work is planned and tested. We learn from experience and this helps us deliver an amazing service from start to end.

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